Glendarroch Services

Thank you for considering Glendarroch Homes in this process. The most important thing to understand when you build or remodel a home is that you are beginning a relationship. It is critical to view this as a relationship in which we are working together to build your home.

At the end of the project, your home will showcase what we can do as a builder so we are just as committed to the craftsmanship and quality as you are.

Design Phase

Preliminary Meeting – We will walk through a finished home and fill out a specification sheet to give us an idea of what you are looking for in your home. This will include top level information such as sqft, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, style of home, flooring preference, appliance manufacturer, etc.

Preliminary Estimate – Based on the preliminary meeting we will provide a detailed preliminary estimate. We will be as detailed as possible so you know all of the assumptions we’re making about the home. This will give you an idea of how much it would cost for the home as well as any options we discussed.

Construction Drawings – If you feel comfortable with the estimate (even if it is a little more than what you want to spend) and with us as a builder, then we can get the architect to start drawing a plan. If the estimate was a little higher than you want to spend, then we can value engineer the plan to get to a certain budget. We will go to all the meetings together so we can collaborate on the design. We can also give input on the cost of different options that you are considering so you can make decisions based on real time information. After each meeting, the architect will give us an updated plan and we will revise the budget based on the new plan. It is a fluid design process that gets you to a plan you love with a budget you are comfortable with. We want to make sure there are no surprises at the end of the design process.

Bidding Process – When the plans are done we will send them out for bid to all of our vendors. We have multiple vendors that we use for each major trade. That way every vendor knows that they are bidding against a competitor to get our work. This ensures that we get the lowest price for our customers.

Contract – We would hope that if the final bid comes back in line with the preliminary estimate, that we would sign a contract and begin construction. We don’t ask to sign a contract until we have the final estimate that is based on firm bids from our vendors.

Construction Phase

Preconstruction Meeting

A few weeks before we commence construction we will sit down and review the plans and budget in detail. We want to ensure that all of our expectations are the same for each and every room regarding the finish out.


In addition to regular meetings on site, we will send out a status email every Monday with what to expect over the next weeks regarding construction on the project. We will also include what selections are needed over the next few weeks. We want to give you ample time to make every selection so you never feel rushed.


Whether you are selecting cabinets, tile, light fixtures or appliances, we will assist with every selection made on the house. We want to offer our expertise regarding what is going into the house and ensure that we are staying within the budget.

Financial Phase

Cost Controls – Every invoice that comes in is triple checked before it is paid.

  • Check 1 – The book keeper will cross check the invoice against the formal
    estimate from the vendor and check how much the vendor has been paid
    already for this particular line item.
  • Check 2 – The supervisor on the job will take the invoice and verify not only that the work has been completed, but that it is up to our standards.
  • Check 3 – After the invoice has been approved by the bookkeeper and the
    supervisor, it will go through the operations manager who has final signature
    authority on all invoices.

Draw Process – We have worked with many banks in the area, national financial
advisors, and cash buyers, and are familiar with all the different processes. We only take draws for work that has been completed and the customer will approve each and every draw before it is funded. Each time we take a draw, we can provide an estimate vs actual report with real time information so you know exactly where you stand relative to the budget.

Change Orders – Undoubtedly there will be changes to the scope of work throughout the process. Glendarroch Homes processes all change orders with the same fee as the rest of the project. That means it would cost the same regardless of when during the project you made the change.

Post Move-in Phase

Welcome Packet

You will receive a booklet that contains the final estimate, change orders, the builder warranty, appliance manuals, and a “Caring for your Home” booklet so that everything for your home is in the same place.

Sixty Day Walk

After you have lived in your home for 60 days, we will schedule a 60 day walk to identify anything that you have noticed since living in your home. We will
create a list of all of those items and we will work together with our warranty manager to get those items completed.

Warranty Manager

Like other companies, when our supervisors have completed your home and you have moved in, they will begin our next customers dream home. To ensure that we can address any minor items that may arise, we have a full time warranty manager who tracks those to completion.